Messente Announces 2-Step Verification API for Mobile Authentication

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Messente Communications, the Estonian based SMS messaging API provider, announced today the release of their 2-step verification API at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The solution makes it easy for companies who do not use 2-step verification yet to build an extra layer of security on top of the current login system standardly consisting of a simple user name and password.

The verification API takes advantage of Messente's extensive experience in delivering messages and notifications to over 1000 mobile networks across the world. In 2014 Messente delivered SMS notifications for many of the fastest growing mobile apps, financial service providers, logistics and payment companies in Europe like Taxify, Bondora, Itella SmartPost, Fortumo and others.

Messente identifies users based on their phone number by generating a unique PIN code and sending it to the user via SMS. The PIN is then submitted to the web by the user which completes the log in process. 

"We see that an increasing number of companies are looking for ways how to better protect the personal data of their users. In the light of the password leaks we see happening everywhere 2-step verification is becoming very relevant for many industries, not only banks or big OTT platforms," says Messente's CEO and co-founder, Lauri Kinkar. "Our new API is the fastest way of setting up secure phone based Authentication. After all - guessing the name of your goldfish should not be the only thing standing between a hacker and your personal data."

Messente's verification API is available for everyone at


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