Metacert Expands Mobile Security Platform

Metacert has blossomed into a full-blown mobile security company with a Security API that allows developers to block phishing, malware, viruses and pornography within mobile apps and mobile devices' WebView. While desktop browsers have developed extensive capacity to block such threats through various security measures, mobile has not enjoyed the same protection. Through its Security API, Metacert aims to fill a massive mobile security gap.

Metacert entered the market with social media tools and pornography blockers for mobile device browsers. Building on its early releases, Metacert has moved into an end-to-end mobile security provider that is well suited to integrate with app builders, OEMs and Platform providers alike. According to the Metacert website, a simple Integration process with its Security API powers apps with "the world's largest and most powerful URL reputation system."

The Metacert Security API allows apps to look up URL classification, reputation and IP addresses against Metacert's Malware & Phishing and Pornography collections. A single API call checks URLs against Metacert's various databases. While the databases are currently limited to malware, phishing and pornography, Metacert has already indicated that dating, file sharing, gambling and Web proxies categories are on the way. To learn more, visit the API docs.

Still in its early stages, Metacert has expanded its capabilities and is on track to continue doing so. To grow its exposure in the mobile market, Metacert struck a partnership with AppMakr. AppMakr has seen massive adoption in of Metacert functionality and could serve as a model partnership for Metacert to grow its business. Those interested can get started here and earn free API calls.

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