Metal Pay Announces Early Beta Release of its Proton Open SDK

Metal, a cryptocurrency-based payment solution provider, announced the early beta release of its Proton Open SDK. The company breaks the SDK into three categories: native wallet SDKs, Proton API, and Web SDKs. The native wallet SDKs and Proton API are now available for beta testing.

The native wallet SDKs include ProtonSwift and ProtonKotlin. They handle a Proton account from every aspect. This includes account management, private key management and storage, signing transactions, ESR request handling, and more. The SDKs can be used beyond wallet scenarios and the Metal team is open to any suggestions users may have.

The Proton API includes a few endpoints that allow users to perform actions on the Proton Chain. Actions include create account, update user avatar, updated user name, exchange rate. To learn more, check out the Postman Docs.

The Metal team encourages new users of Proton products to start testing on Metal’s Proton Testnet. The Web SDKs will be the next category announced. Metal anticipates releasing a beta version soon.

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