MetricFire Provides Application Metrics-as-a-Service

Dave Concannon and Charlie von Metzradt, co-founders of MetricFire, live in different parts of the world (Dave is in California and Charlie lives in Ireland), but collaborate on a mission to provide quality application metrics. The MetricFire API is one of the tools that the company offers for data transmission.

MetricFire is designed to allow users to create a custom experience that is tailored to their needs. The simple to use HTTP API is a part of that and detailed documentation is made available to simplify this option even further. Other MetricFire features include:

  • Data Transformation
  • Graph Styling
  • Simple Installation
  • Graph Embedding
  • Flexible Alerting (Coming Soon)

The MetricFire API is one of 642 tools APIs in the ProgrammableWeb directory.

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