Metro Publisher Grants Access to its Entire CMS Platform via API

Metro Publisher touts itself as the "Cloud and Mobile CMS of the Future." Its cloud-based platform ensures that users concentrate on their business instead of CMS IT issues. Additionally, most of its industry leading features remain available through the Metro Publisher API. API integration represents one advance in Metro Publisher's dedication to serving the unique needs of its publishing customers. Matt Pratt, Metro Publisher VP of Business Development, explained:

"We’re in the habit of asking our clients to show us how they work and from there, we figure how we can create small improvements to make their daily lives easier."

Vanguardistas created Metro Publisher a few years ago to simplify web and mobile development for local, regional, and niche publication markets. Since its launch, Metro Publisher has gained an impressive client base that praise Metro Publisher for its simplicity, yet robust feature set. API access to Metro Publisher's feature set allows Metro Publisher to expand its user based through a developer community and seamlessly integrate with existing systems and apps.

The Metro Publisher API uses REST protocol and returns calls in a JSON data format. Metro Publisher's entire portfolio remains available through a series of calls. Whether a developer wants to add/manage blogs, pictures, categories, or more; the Metro Publisher API allows for simple access to such capabilities. For more information, visit the API site.

CMS platforms continue to increase and claim a new simplified functionality that sets each apart from the rest. The Metro Publisher team sprung forth from the Vanguardistas groups who have decades of experience building customized, cutting edge systems. Metro Publisher formalized as a new entity based on its need, value proposition, and simplicity. Visit Metro Publisher today to learn of its simple pricing structure, ease of integration, and forward thinking capabilities.

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