Metwit Weather API Now Features Push Weather Notifications

Last month, ProgrammableWeb reported that Metwit was releasing a free, short term trial plan of the Metwit Weather API to help developers who have created applications using Yahoo! Weather APIs and have been impacted by the shut down of the Yahoo! Geocoding API. Metwit has now announced the addition of a brand new feature to the Metwit Weather API: Push Weather Notifications.


Image Credit: Metwit

Metwit has added Monitors to the Metwit Weather API, a collection of Monitor objects that allow developers to add push weather notifications to their applications. Applications that use Metwit Weather API Monitors can receive push notifications for precipitation alerts based on a nearby given location. At this time, the only event type that can be registered is precipitation such as rain, snow and hail.

The new push weather notifications feature can be useful for many types of applications, a few examples are mentioned in the Metwit announcement post. Visit the Metwit API site for more information.

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