Micello: Maps for the Great Indoors

Micello is living my dream.  This company is specializing in providing a navigation system for indoor environments.  Indoor environments can be unpredictable and complex spaces.  In other words they are the ideal scenario for maps.  Micello has seen this opportunity and seized it by establishing a fast growing collection of indoor maps.  The map collection is open for Integration through both an embeddable HTML 5 element and RESTful calls to the Micello API.

The Micello API will allow developers to search the collection of indoor spaces and even pull up meta data on the entities in the spaces.  Think of shopping malls which have many, many stores inside.  Each store in the mall would be an entity, and the mall itself would be a community.  Navigation appears to be tied to entities.  In the HTML 5 element you can navigate to or from an entity.  The User Interface for this is reminiscent of Google Maps.

Back in 2005 I earned an honorable mention of sorts for putting together a business plan based on developing a navigation system that was new at the time.  The idea was to provide a ground level photographic view of key points in the path from A to B.  The main reason for providing photos was that many people navigate using visual landmarks.  Micello hasn’t added photos to it’s service yet, but I like to think that they will run with the idea.

We have just a few indoor APIs in the index. The other, LocLizard, looks quite interesting.

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