Micro-Survey Platform SlimSurveys Launches Brand New API

SlimSurveys, a micro-survey Platform, has announced the launch of a brand new SlimSurveys API allowing developers to integrate micro-surveys and other micro-interaction functionality into third-party web and mobile applications.


Image Credit: SlimSurveys

Developers can use the SlimSurveys API to add to their applications short, interactive micro-surveys such as instant opinion polls, in-app feedback questionnaires, recommendation forms and more. The API is built on REST and supports all types of web and mobile platforms including iOS and Android. The API is capable of providing data in both XML and JSON formats.

Rodney Rumford, SlimSurveys Chief Product Officer states for the press release that:

"We are excited to see how developers will use our micro-survey platform. There are countless use cases for this new micro-survey API. The possibilities are quite far reaching in the sense that this now allows any developer to ask questions and gather responses from their audience, which could apply to virtually any market."

Developers interested in using the SlimSurveys API can apply for an API Key and request Documentation on the SlimSurveys Developer Portal.

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