MicroBilt Launches Developer Site and Consumer Data APIs

MicroBilt, a consumer data provider, has announced the launch of its developer site. The developer site centralizes access to MicroBilt's many consumer data APIs. Data categories available through through MicroBilt include Credit & Decisioning, Collections & Recovery, Background Screening, and Business Credentialing.

"We've had enormous demand for our proprietary data," Keith Goodnight, MicroBilt SVP/ Product Management and Development, commented in a press release. "Making it available as APIs was a natural extension of our services. We assembled a portfolio of APIs we believe can help companies across the lending cycle -- from mitigating risk to growing their client base to reducing write-offs, and built pricing plans to make these data services accessible to all businesses of all sizes."

Credit & Decisioning APIs provide access to both traditional (big three credit bureaus) and alternative (bank performance history, advanced algorithms, etc.) credit data. Further, the APIs provide access to decision support services, bank account verification, and application verification.

Collections & Recovery APIs help users prioritize and locate individuals with overdue accounts. The locate people feature provides access to phone numbers, addresses, emails and other location data associated with consumers. The locate assets feature allows users to identify property, bank, employment, and vehicle assets.

Background Screening APIs provide access to individuals' financial, civil and criminal history. To create this data, MicroBilt pulls from public records such as bankruptcy filings, evictions, suits, liens, and judgments.

Business Credentialing APIs provides access to corporate filings, professional license filings, and UCC liens associated with an individual or a business. Such information is helpful when conducting due diligence with an individual or business when starting a relationship or conducting a transaction.

Those interested in testing the APIs, should register for a test account. The test account is free. Paid accounts depend on the API package used and are charged by call or volume.

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