Microsoft Announces Media APIs for Azure App Service

A few days ago, Microsoft announced the availability of the Azure App Service, a unique cloud-based service that allows developers to build cross-platform applications that work on all devices. Microsoft has now announced the availability of media APIs for the Microsoft Azure App Service which can be accessed via the Azure Media Services Connector.


The Azure Media Services Connector can be accessed from the Azure management portal, API Apps section.

Azure Media Services Connector is a set of web resources consisting of REST APIs for video, thumbnail, and formats. The Azure Media Services Connector provides an easy to use interface to access Azure Media Services and allows developers to find, host, and manage APIs in the cloud. The service allows developers to upload videos to the cloud which can then be streamed on a variety of devices.

Azure Media Services Connector provides developers access to a highly scalable infrastructure and is able to handle video delivery for the developer which helps reduce app development time. The official announcement post states that "the platform will automatically pick the right [video] quality and format based on the device type, screen size and network conditions. This enables app and service developers to focus on their core application, while letting AMS handle the video delivery to all screens with just a few simple API calls."

The video API is capable of programmatically retrieving a video object, uploading a video, retrieving the playback URL of a video, deleting a video that was previously uploaded, and more. The thumbnail API retrieves the thumbnail entity which is an image that is derived from a frame found in the video. The formats API provides information regarding the supported input video formats.

The Azure Media Services Connector is ideal for incorporating live video event functionality into applications, adding high quality streaming video to websites, and embedding videos on web pages.

The Azure Media Services Connector is free to try out and can be accessed from the Azure Management Portal, API Apps section.

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