Microsoft Announces New APIs for Azure Cognitive Services

Leading up to its annual Build conference, Microsoft announced four new APIs for its Azure Cognitive Services. The Personalizer API, Conversation transcription API, Form Recognizer API, and Ink Recognizer API are all available as previews. Expect more information to come as the Build conference unfolds this week.

The Personalizer API aims to help developers "create rich, personalized experiences for every user of your app." To accomplish this goal, the API allows developers to prioritize content and experiences through the use of Microsoft's reinforcement learning. Reinforcement learning is an Artificial Intelligence-based technology that learns from a user's interactions with apps. The more a user engages with the app, the more the Personalizer API can tailor responses to the user.

The Conversation transcription API is Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services latest speech to text offering. The API enables in-person meeting transcription. Speech is captured in real time, and is transcribed to text in real time. In turn, meeting participants can engage in real time. The API identifies the speaker, the content, and the timing so that speech can be easily followed to keep the conversation going.

The Form Recognizer API automates data entry. The Machine Learning behind the API extracts text, key/value pairs, and tables from documents. The machine learning tool can learn the correct format with only a few sample data sets. The forms can then be transformed to usable data for automated processing.

The Ink Recognizer API recognizes digital ink content (e.g. handwriting, shapes, and ink document layout). The API allows developer to create experiences that combine both paper/pen interactions with digital interactions. This API is expected to be especially useful for note-taking, form-filing, content search, and document annotation use cases.

Keep an eye out for these announcements and more at this week's Build conference. For more Azure Cognitive Services being addressed at the conference, check out Microsoft's recent blog post announcement.

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