Microsoft Announces OneNote Search API Beta Release

Microsoft has announced the beta release of its OneNote Search API. Bing search technology powers the full text search features of the latest OneNote API. The search API moves OneNote toward Microsoft's goal of OneNote serving as the single stop for anything people want to remember. Microsoft views search capability as an essential feature to achieve such status.

"It's like having your own personal search engine for your private notes and memories in the cloud. And, because we are reusing the same search tech powering today, the OneNote Search API has all the smarts you would expect from Bing," Omar Venado of the OneNote team said in a blog announcement.

The "smarts" Venado referred to include spelling forgiveness, stemming, relevance and ranking, word breaking and phrase search. The API functions across all notebooks. Accordingly, the app can find the correct notes regardless of the storage location. A user index confines searches to notebooks that a specific user has access.

Searches are executed with a simple HTTP GET request. Users can combine search verbs with any of the OData verbs already supported by other OneNote APIs. Future features on the road map include support for search across notebooks shared with a user, scoped search queries to a particular notebook, last modified time support, and relevance and ranking improvements.   

For access to the beta trial, sign up here. Beta apps must grant read permissions to the OneNote Developer Blog App. Continue to check in with the developer blog to get updates on the road map, new features and go-live dates. 

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