Microsoft Announces Public Preview of SQL Server 2019

Earlier this week during Microsoft’s Ignite conference, the company made several announcements, including full support for the Azure Cosmos DB Cassandra API, general availability of the Microsoft Graph Security API, and a public preview of SQL Server 2019.

Azure Cosmos DB Cassandra API

A preview of the Cassandra API has been available for a while now, but Microsoft has removed the training wheels and the Cassandra API now joins the likes of the company’s APIs for SQL, MongoDB, and Gremlin. Microsoft is ensuring wire protocol level compatibility, which should require only minor changes to existing codebases.

Microsoft Graph Security API

The Microsoft Graph Security APITrack this API helps to improve security by providing, “a standard interface and uniform schema to integrate security alerts, unlock contextual information, and simplify security automation.” Beyond moving the API in to general availability Microsoft also expanded the set of alerts providers, new capabilities, and added additional resources for developers. The API can also now be used to update the alerts that are received. 

SQL Server 2019

Microsoft also announced the public preview of SQL Server 2019, a new database management system that should provide companies a single offering for managing their relational and non-relational databases. SQL Server 2019 can run on-prem, in the cloud, or on Azure Stack.

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