Microsoft Announces Updated WebView 2 SDK for Edge

Microsoft has released an update to its WebView 2 SDK and announced broader access so that more developers can try it.

WebView 2, a new WebView control that allows developers to host web content within native apps, was first unveiled at the Build 2019 conference in Seattle last month. Specifically, WebView2 allows developers to inject dynamic content into their native apps and share code with similar controls that are deployed on other platforms and across websites. Internally, the software giant's Office team is working on a WebView2-powered Add-ins experience for future versions of Office apps like Excel. Microsoft explained that this "will allow add-ins to leverage the full-fidelity Chromium engine that powers Microsoft Edge."

WebView 2 currently supports a set of Win32 C++ APIs on Windows 10 but Microsoft plans to add support for other Windows versions in the future.

Based on developer feedback, the latest release of the preview WebView2 SDK contains a number of new features, such as support for 32-bit WebView on 64-bit machines, as well as the ability to disable devtools and the status bar. Going forward, Microsoft plans to update the SDK every six weeks.

Microsoft says that WebView2 will succeed technologies with similar purposes, namely EdgeHTML and MSHTML, but understanding that not all developers are ready to migrate their apps, will continue to support those technologies without requiring developers to make changes.

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