Microsoft API Strategy Headlines Build Developer Conference

Microsoft hosted its annual Build developer conference this week. As expected, Microsoft's API portfolio remained a popular topic with regard to partnerships, Integration activity and app development. Specifically, Microsoft previewed its Office 365 Unified API. The unified API Endpoint constitutes a central location for connecting to all Office 365 APIs.

Notable integration partners for Office 365 include Boomerang, Uber, PayPal and SAP. Boomerang offers popular calendar and email management functionality. Its features enhance the Outlook experience by enabling automatic calendar refresh, scheduled email sends, multiple meeting time suggestions, confirmation of meetings within an email and a calendar assistant. Uber's partnership also focuses on Outlook by adding ride reminders directly from calendar appointments.

PayPal's integration utilizes the Outlook APIs as well to enable payments via email. Microsoft also pushed its "write once, run anywhere" theme, which means the same Outlook functionality applies to, Outlook Web App and the desktop version of Outlook.

The SAP integration addressed an ongoing business problem of the continuous need to jump from application to application. With the Graph API, a demo showed the ability to utilize SAP and Excel in a single location. Further, the integration allows the user to have the same SAP/Excel combined experience across devices.

There is no denying that Microsoft's API portfolio is deeply embedded in both the consumer and enterprise spaces. Over the years, the portfolio grew in size and complexity. Microsoft has launched a concerted effort to simplify access to its applications via a consolidated API strategy. Not only does the strategy limit the endpoints needed to access Microsoft apps, it enables cross- Platform access for multidevice usage. Expect to see Microsoft increase emphasis on singular access for multiple functionality.

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