Microsoft Azure Budgets API Now Generally Available, Includes Enhancements

Microsoft has announced that the Azure Budgets API is now generally available, and the latest release includes a number of enhancements. Among the API updates are support for usage budgets, support for Azure action groups, and an updated version of the usage details API.

This past December, Microsoft announced a preview release of subscription level budgets available via Azure Resource Manager (ARM) APIs. The preview version of the ARM API includes the ability for enterprise customers to set up and manage a budget at the subscription scope. The Budgets API (part of the ARM API) allows enterprises to list all budgets for a subscription, get a budget, create a budget, and update or delete a budget.

The Azure Budgets API has been updated to include support for usage budgets (the preview release supported only cost-based budgets). Filters have been added to the API which allow users to define the scope of a query as to when a budget applies. The API has also been updated to support Azure action groups which allows services to be orchestrated based on cost thresholds and support for multiple notification methods (e.g. webhook, email, SMS, Azure App, etc.).

The Usage Details API has been updated to use E-Tags for alerting callers as to when data has changed since the last API call. The E-Tags are used as data indicators alerting callers as to when the data has been refreshed.

It should be noted that budgets are currently a feature supported for Azure enterprise customers only. According to the announcement, Microsoft plans on releasing a few more updates to the budget feature in the next few months.

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