Microsoft Azure Search Now Supports 27 Languages

Microsoft's cloud-hosting platform now supports 27 languages within the Azure search-as-a-service. Open as a live preview for developer engagement and feedback, Azure Search enables developers to quickly add search functionality to websites or apps via the Azure Search API. 

According to Senior Program Manager Liam Cavanah, the new improvements "[allow] Azure Search to support the unique characteristics of a given language enabling word-breaking, text normalization (standardizing text to allow for handling characters such as é or â) to work as expected for each supported language." New languages to the service include Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Russian, Spanish, and more.

In addition to increased language support, the new Azure Search developer Portal has been improved to allow for greater admin control. A friendlier user interface can now be accessed to manage search indexes without delving into code. Also new is a merge feature that allows for the consolidation of identical documents, and increased cloud data center coverage to 19 regions for better Azure accessibility in North Central US & South Central US.

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Microsoft Azure Search Learns More Languages