Microsoft Bing Expands Content Submission API Beta

Microsoft Bing has announced that it will move the company’s Content Submission API out of private beta and into a public beta launch that will significantly expand the number of developers working with the tool. This API helps publishers and site owners ensure that their new content is properly indexed without waiting for the automated crawling process

Microsoft Bing indexes websites periodically via the BingBot crawl, a process that will eventually lead to new content being indexed by the search engine. Bing has provided a URL submission API for some time, which notifies the company of new content and expedites this crawling process. By using the new Content Submission API, developers are able to send site content directly to Bing and ensure indexing without waiting for the content to be crawled. This process bypasses the need for BingBot to do any work and is the quickest way to get new content indexed. Avoiding crawling provides the added benefit of reducing server load on your pages.

Bing is expanding the breadth of the beta launch after over two years of private beta testing that has resulted in a far more stable product. The API is capable of indexing HTML, written content, images, and more. Developers can generate an API Key via Bing Webmaster Tools

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