Microsoft Expands Azure Maps Services and SDKs

Microsoft continued its charge in the complex mobility space with numerous announcements related to its Azure Maps services and SDKs. First, the company has moved a number of services from public preview to general availability. Services include Route Range, Get Search Polygon, and Satellite and Hybrid Imagery.

"Today, Azure Maps is continuing to expand the offerings of our Platform, introducing a new set of capabilities in the form of SDKs and cloud-based services, to enable enterprises, partners, and cities to build the solution that will help visualize, analyze, and optimize these mobility challenges," Chris Pendleton, Principal PM Manager of Azure Maps, commented in a company announcement.

In addition to the now generally available services, Microsoft has introduced new services. New shaded relief map tiles and image compositors are being added to the map canvas. Further, Microsoft has added Spatial Operation services for analytic capabilities such as geofencing, buffer, closest point, and great circle distance features. Finally, Microsoft has introduced a Web SDK and an Android SDK for Azure Maps.

Most of the new features and SDKs have currently been released as preview versions. Those interested can find all features and SDKs at the Azure Maps site. For more granular information, check out the Azure Maps docs. Microsoft appreciates questions and comments via Stack Overflow and Azure Maps Feedback Forums.

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