Microsoft Expands Graph API Portfolio

Yesterday, during day one of Microsoft's latest Build developer conference, the company announced a number of enhancements to its Microsoft Graph APIs. The Microsoft Graph provides access to Office 365 data, and greater access to Office 365 data arrives via improvements to the translation, SharePoint, OneNote, Planner, and Insights APIs.

Microsoft now leverages its translation APIs within PowerPoint to power Presentation Translator. This gives presenters the ability to include subtitles within PowerPoint presentations. The subtitles can be in the same or different languages. Presentation Translator is currently a Microsoft Garage project, and those interested can register for access here.

Additionally, the SharePoint site, OneNote, and Planner data APIs are all now generally available. Accordingly, developers are now free to use the APIs in production apps and services. Businesses consistently rely on all three services for day to day operations; thus, the services include massive amounts of business data. Consumption of that data via the Microsoft Graph should provide valuable business insights.

Finally, Microsoft announced a new set of Insights APIs. Insights APIs enable developers to share and analyze relationships between users and documents. In reviewing such relationships, users can develop more intelligent processes. You can keep up to date on all news coming out of Build by watching live at the Build site.

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