Microsoft Extends Azure API Management Services to Third Party Integration

Microsoft recently announced a new set of policies aimed to ease integration of a Azure API Management request/response pipeline with external services. The Azure team created the new policies after customer feedback consistently requested the ability to extend the use of Azure API Management to better serve users. Where the existing policies allow many manipulations to HTTP requests and responses, the new policies (i.e. send-request, send-one-way-request, and return-response) allow such manipulation of external services using HTTP.
Microsoft envisions a number of use cases for the new policies. Some quick to mind examples include alerting of error conditions, validation of reference tokens, aggregating responses from distinct backend services, transparent versioning, and edge caching. Microsoft recently updated the Azure API Management docs to reflect the new policies and users can view the docs to learn how to use and integrate the policies with third party services. 
The three new policies include send-request (sends a provided request to a specified URL, waiting no longer than the set timeout value), send-one-way-request (sends a provided request to a specified URL without waiting for a response), and return-response (aborts pipeline execution and returns the specified response directly to the callers). A reference document for each new policy is available for more information. To get started, visit the updated documentation

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