Microsoft Introduces API Access to OneNote Staff Notebook

Microsoft has introduced the OneNote Staff Notebook API for Office 365. OneNote Staff Notebook has been an increasingly popular app for educators since its launch a year ago. As more and more teachers and school systems have adopted OneNote Staff Notebook, Microsoft has received ongoing requests for programmatic access to the app. API access will enable school system IT administrators to automate and create updates to OneNote Staff notebooks across a single school or an entire district.

For developers familiar with the OneNote API of Office 365, the OneNote Staff Notebook API will seem familiar. The APIs are structured with the same methodology and users will encounter similar requirements as well. For instance, the only requirement for teachers to use is a Office 365 faculty license and OneDrive for Business setup. Users can then create notebooks via the API from numerous applications including OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, and unified group notebooks.

Microsoft has published a number of resources to help users and IT administrators get started. Visit the how to docs for specifics. Educators have been using OneNote Staff Notebook to publish policies, procedures, deadlines, and calendars; manage class rosters; share content; collaborate with fellow educators and outside resources; and much more. Previous to the API launch, NoteBooks could only be created and shared within the OneNote Staff Notebook app. While the app is very useful, one by one setup and maintenance is difficult to scale across schools and districts. API access to the app should make for streamlined setup, maintenance, and scale; and should make the app even more attractive to educators for widespread adoption. Visit the blog announcement and consider becoming a Microsoft Education partner to learn more. 

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