Microsoft Introduces Azure API Management for Serverless Environments

Microsoft's Azure API Management is a service that allows customers to publish, secure, transform, maintain and monitor APIs. Through the service, developers can create programmatic access between two different applications and/or services. API Management handles many common API tasks including mediating calls, Authentication, authorization, Rate Limiting, quota enforcement requests, logging, tracing and version management.

API Management includes the typical developer, basic, standard and premium plans. However, Microsoft has released a preview version of its Consumption tier for API Management. The Consumption tier was created specifically for serverless environments. The pricing model for this tier shows that the Consumption tier was built with serverless principles in mind.

Microsoft has listed specific use cases for the Consumption tier that developers have been requesting:

  • API gateway for microservices using serverless technologies
  • API gateway for a simplified and secure facade for serverless resources
  • API gateway for backends where API traffic has large spikes but stays low most of the time.

The Consumption tier is designed to work in environments where Functions and Logic Apps, Azure storage, Service Bus queues, and other serverless technologies are used. Auto- Scaling and micro-billing are supported. No capacity is reserved, resources are shared, and activation is delivered on demand.

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