Microsoft Introduces Open Service Mesh With Intention to Donate to CNCF

Microsoft has announced Open Service Mesh (OSM). OSM is an open-source lightweight and extensible cloud-native Service Mesh. It runs on Kubernetes.

“OSM enables users to uniformly manage, secure, and observe service-to-service communication in highly dynamic Microservice environments,” Microsoft announced in a blog post announcement. “We hope for OSM to be a community-led project that it will spur collaboration on new and existing APIs for SMI.”

The project is currently open-source and Microsoft aims to keep it that way. It has already submitted a proposal to donate OSM to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). An open-source approach will put OSM in the hands of more Kubernetes operators and see them installing, maintaining, and running OSM solutions and contributing to the community.

OSM was built at the direction of three underlying principles:

  • OSM provides an SMI specification compatible control plane
  • OSM uses Envoy for the data plan
  • OSM uses a “no cliffs” design to account for simple and complex scenarios

Microsoft is demonstrating OSM at KubeCon EU Virtual 2020 and during an upcoming CNCF webinar on August 14, 2020. Learn more at the OSM site or on GitHub.

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