Microsoft Introduces REST API Browser and API Try It Feature

Microsoft recently introduced two new features to its main resource for API reference material and technical Documentation. Now on, developers can find a preview version of the REST API Browser and the REST Try It offering. The REST API Browser allows developers to easily search and discover Microsoft's enormous portfolio of REST APIs. REST Try It is an interactive experience that allows developers to test out Microsoft REST APIs within a web browser of choice.

The REST API Browser hones your ability to search for REST API documentation within Instead of starting with a site-wide search, or fumbling through navigation components, users now simply select and API service from a dropdown. All available APIs are available through the dropdown. Further, Quick Filters within the REST API Browser limits the drop down to the APIs available for a specific service, and its most recent release. Search is still available, but searches can be limited to the API service of choice.

REST Try It allows developers to try out an Azure REST API directly in a browser without formally signing up for an API Key. Within REST Try It, developers can experiment with the parameters or the request body available within the API of choice. Give REST Try It a spin here.

The team has already indicated that it plans on making improvements to the new features soon. For example, Microsoft expects to expand REST Try It beyond Azure APIs. Despite its plans, the team wants to know what developers want. The team asks that interested developers open an issue, or engage with the team on Twitter to start a conversation.

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