Microsoft Launches Dev Preview for New Bing Search APIs

Microsoft has announced developer preview versions of its new Bing Search APIs. Features in the preview include expanded search, autosuggest, spell check, adult intent signal, trending topics, filtering, sorting and more. Microsoft's decision to build out new search APIs came in direct response to developer community feedback regarding accessbility, implementation, and features.

The Search APIs utilize the Bing Platform core that drives the search engine that hundreds of millions of Web users rely on each month. Microsoft is currently recruiting developers to join the developer preview. Those interested can email the team at To better understand services offered around the developer preview, visit the Bing for partners website.

The APIs use REST protocol with modern structured data standards (i.e., JSON-LD). Accordingly, the APIs are simple to integrate with apps of any sort with a sound and tested platform serving as the foundation. Microsoft has divided the APIs' functionality by features within broader categories. Categories include Web Search, Image Search, Video Search, News Search, Spell check, Autosuggest, Assistive services, and General. Within the categories, the new set of APIs include fifteen new features. For example, price filter, trending videos, and motion thumbnail preview represent three new features within the Video Search category. Consider joining the likes of Yelp, Amazon, and Yahoo as a Bing partner and try out the new Search APIs.  

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