Microsoft Launches a Public Preview of a New Security API

Microsoft announced a public preview of a Security API at the RSA conference in San Francisco this week.

The API allows Microsoft's customers and partners to extend the company's Intelligent Security Graph, a Platform designed to "protect and strengthen Microsoft products and services." The Intelligent Security Graph provides real-time threat intelligence and protection, as well as analytics.

The Security API allows users to access alerts from several Azure services and automate security policy checks and rule enforcement. By using the Security API in conjunction with the Microsoft Graph, organizations can also obtain richer context about security events.

Microsoft says that the Security API will enable the development of custom security dashboards, operations tools and threat protection solutions. They can also integrate security functionality into non-security applications, such as HR and finance tools.

Already, a number of companies have implemented the Security API. For example, Palo Alto Networks has built a proof-of-concept application that takes alerts from the Security API and enriches them with data from AutoFocus, its threat intelligence service.

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