Microsoft Makes Two More Cognitive APIs Generally Available

Microsoft has announced the general availability of two of its cognitive services APIs: the Bing Custom Search API and Bing Search API v7. Microsoft originally introduced the two APIs last month at its Ignite conference. Both are currently available through the Azure Portal.

“We’re excited to bring to market this big Bing APIs release that includes new features, faster performance and new APIs," Gurpreet Singh Pall, Microsoft Vice President of Bing and Cortana, commented when introducing the new APIs. "By leveraging the power of Bing AI connected with Azure, we can empower every developer to build richer experiences harnessing the power of Bing AI."

Bing Custom Search offers users access to targeted web search experiences. The Bing Custom Search API delivers an ad-free search engine. Examples of custom parameters include limiting searches to specific domains, subsites, and webpages. For more information, check out the API docs.

While the Bing Search API has been around for a while, v7 introduces new features including sorting and filtering options. The new features allow users to focus on trending topics in images or searches and better troubleshooting potential for errors. To learn more, check out the API docs.

Microsoft has continued to build out its cognitive services API portfolio. As more users experiment with the APIs, Microsoft continues to adjust and enhance the portfolio. Visit the Azure site to see all cognitive services updates. 

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