Microsoft Moves updateRecordingStatus API Into General Availability

As a part of Microsoft’s cloud communication API set on Microsoft Graph, the company provides an API called the updateRecordingStatus API. This Resource allows for bots to programmatically set up policy-based recordings. Microsoft has now moved this solution into general availability. 

The process operates by tracking policies based on users. When a specified user joins a call an assigned bot joins the call and notifies users that recording will begin. Microsoft described the value of the service:

“Policy-based call recording can be used to help address compliance and regulatory-based scenarios. For example, an organization might want to store records of privileged meetings between employees in the event of an audit or other requirements for call recordings. Participants on current Teams clients will be notified via a banner. Other participants will be notified through an audio announcement.”

With the API moving into general availability, Microsoft is directing users toward a guide on Teams policy-based recording. Additionally, the company has produces a sample bot that displays the functionality. 

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