Microsoft Offers Virtual Academy for API Design Training

Want to learn more about the ASP.NET Web API? Join an upcoming Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) on Feb. 4 to learn more about the Framework from industry leaders. Join experts from Microsoft and iVision to learn more about API technology, API uses, and subtleties to streamline Integration and implementation of APIs. Just three weeks away, this daylong virtual event can be accessed from anywhere and is free of cost.

The goal of the event is to bestow a solid foundation upon developers looking to build RESTful services, regardless of client or Platform. Topics will include token-based security, route attributes, Error Handling and Versioning. In addition to basic API structure, the instructors will demonstrate how Visual Studio can be used to explore customization, design and implementation.

While the intended audience includes developers brand new to API development and experienced API developers looking to take design to the next level, a particular set of prerequisites will enhance an attendee's experience at this fast-paced event. ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript and Web services experience will greatly improve a developer's takeaway from the course. The course outline includes introduction, basic design, configuration, validation and error handling, security and advanced design.

The Web API Design Jump Start constitutes one of Microsoft's Web Wednesdays events. The audience will include Web developers of both enterprise and consumer-based apps. To register, sign up for an MVA account and choose the Feb. 4 event. Although the event is virtual, the presenters will be live in real time.

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