Microsoft Prepares for Dual Screens with Windows 10X

Yesterday, at Microsoft 365 Developer Day, Microsoft presented a vision for dual screens. Windows 10X is Microsoft's version of Windows for a dual-screen world. While the presentation was full of announcements related to dual screens, the Windows 10X emulator should be a particular interest to developers.

The Windows 10X emulator allows developers to preview an application on a dual-screen device. This emulator allows developers to prepare for the future. There are no hardware devices that currently support Windows 10X. Nonetheless, Microsoft wants to get developers excited and prepared to tackle dual screens before the Surface Neo and other dual-screen devices hit the market by the end of this year.

To use the emulator, or gain much information at all regarding Windows 10X, those interested need to register as a Windows Insider. The emulator uses Hyper-V with GPU-PV for hardware-accelerated graphics. You will also need a 64-bit Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, or Education OS with Windows Insider Preview build 10.0.1955 or later.

Microsoft has published a how to guide for using the Microsoft Emulator. In addition to the emulator, Microsoft has released preview versions of Visual Studio and a Windows 10 SDK to create apps for Windows 10X devices.

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