Microsoft Releases Azure SDK for Go

Microsoft has launched an Azure SDK for Go. The SDK allows Go developers to connect apps for Azure to data sources such as Cosmos DB and Azure Storage. Developers can programmatically deploy Azure resources and authenticate users.

While the Go-Azure pairing might seem strange to some, a number of cloud management projects already utilize the SDK. Projects include Kubernetes, Terraform, and the Open Service Broker for Azure. To assist interested developers, Microsoft has included Azure Samples at GitHub.

Azure database services that are available for connection through the SDK include Cosmos DB, Azure DB for PostgreSQL, and Azure Database for MySQL. Authentication services include Azure Active Directory identities and Key Vault secrets. Full SDK Docs are available at GoDoc. Microsoft has also added documentation and tutorials at the Azure Go Dev Center.

In addition to database connection and user authentication, developers can use the SDK to provision virtual machines, virtual networks, storage accounts and certain databases. The Go SDK is currently in beta release. Check the product Roadmap to get more details on versioning and when the product will become Generally Available.

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