Microsoft Releases Azure SDKs Meeting new Azure API Standards

Microsoft has announced new Azure SDKs that meet updated Azure SDK API standards. The new libraries Microsoft has released are for Azure Storage, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Key Vault, and Azure Event Hubs. Microsoft has been working on a new set of API standards that will apply across Azure SDKs in an attempt to modernize its portfolio and make for easier Integration with software both within Microsoft and externally.

Microsoft solicited feedback from the developer community regarding Azure SDKs and APIs and developed a responsive set of guidelines to drive the standards development. The guiding objectives are:

  • Create easy to use APIs with productivity on par with the best libraries of the language ecosystems
  • Provide APIs that are idiomatic to the language and ecosystem they are used in
  • Evolve over time in a very compatible fashion
  • Focus as much on Documentation and samples, as on APIs
  • Change how Microsoft creates libraries at the core

The new SDKs are available in Java, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, and .NET. You can learn more by reading the individualized release notes. Microsoft has linked to all language-specific release notes in a blog post announcement. Microsoft suggested that it will continue to publish blog posts regarding additional features and more specifics on individual SDKs. In the meantime, the Microsoft team encourages feedback through GitHub.

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