Microsoft Releases Call Records API Beta for Microsoft Graph

Microsoft has introduced a call records API as part of Microsoft GraphTrack this API. The API is currently in beta and provides usage and diagnostic information about calls and online meetings. The API provides information for calls made through Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business.

Through the API, developers and admins gain access to call records. They can look up call records by IDs. Properties included in the data include id, endDateTime, StartDateTime, joinWebUrl, lasModifiedDateTime, modalities, organizer, participants, type, and version. Programmatic access to such information can greatly improve admins' view into how much these communication platforms are used and how they are used.

API resources include callRecord, session, and segment. The callRecord Resource represents one peer-to-peer call or a group call. A session exists between a participant and a service Endpoint. A peer-to-peer call contains a single session. A group call can contain one or more session. Within sessions, exist segments. A segment is a media link between two endpoints.

Because the call record API is issued under the /beta version, it isn't currently supported by Microsoft. Further, it is subject to change at any time. To learn more, visit the call records API overview.

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