Microsoft Releases Much Enhanced Live Search API 2.0

Microsoft has released a significantly enhanced version of their Live Search API. Live Search API 2.0 offers increased flexibility in terms of API protocols (REST/ XML and JSON are now offered, in addition to the original SOAP interface), new tools, Sample Code, and complete Documentation.

The API is currently in beta and the Live Search team is seeking developers who are interested in trying out the new service. In the announcement blog post, Alessandro Catorcini noted some key features in the new API:

  • the new JSON and XML over HTTP interfaces
  • strongly typed API providing access to seven different types of results (web, news, images, phonebook, spell-checker, related queries, and Encarta instant answer)
  • less restrictive Terms of Use
  • restructured 100% OpenSearch compliant RSS format

PCWorld's Elizabeth Montalbano wrote about Microsoft's decision to open the API and reduce terms of use restrictions: Live Search senior director Angus Norton

called Microsoft's decision to open its API and release restrictions a way of "democratizing the [search] Platform" in the same way it has allowed developers successfully use Windows and other Microsoft software as foundational technologies in the past.

The new API is a component of Microsoft's Project Silk Road, collection of search APIs and services for developers. The API is well-documented, and includes an SDK, FAQs, forums, and a blog. See our Windows Live Search API profile for an API overview, and to find out about some of the many mashups that have been developed using previous versions of the Live Search API.

If you're interested in working with the beta Live Search API 2.0, visit the Live Search Developer Center and apply for an AppID.

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