Microsoft Releases Windows Store Analytics API

Microsoft has released the Windows Store analytics API, through which app owners can access app information from the Windows Store without logging into Dev Center. The analytics information now available through the API previously required manual retrieval from Dev Center (e.g. app and in-app purchase acquisitions, ratings, reviews, and app health). API access to such information allows for quicker reports, and deeper analysis.
For access to the API, users first need an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) account. Next, the app for which analytics are desired should be set as an Azure AD application. Once a user receives an access token from Azure AD, the connected app or service can call the Windows Store analytics API.
The API is RESTful and provides access to five data sources. App acquisition aggregates app data by day, week, or month for type, age group, gender, market, OS version, and Store client. In-app purchase acquisitions aggregates in-app purchase data by day, week, or month for type, age group, gender, market, OS version, and Store client. Ratings data is provided by day, week, or month and includes market, OS version, and Store client. Reviews data includes market, OS version, package version, device details, new or revised review, review title, text, author, helpful/not helpful votes, and text response dates. App health reports on failure data including name, hash, symbol, market, OS version, event type, device type, package name, version, hit count and machine count.
For more information on the API, how to get started, setting up an Azure AD account, or other questions, visit the Dev Center. While there, Microsoft encourages developers and app owners to provide feedback as the API gets deployed. A "feedback" button is provided in the bottom right section of the dashboard.  

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