Microsoft Taps Into Dealmap for Local Coupons

While the market seems obsessed with Groupon, other leading deal aggregators are working their way to impressive number of deals offered, subscribers, developer mindshare and big partnerships. Dealmap, the coupon aggregator, has just announced a big partnership deal with Microsoft Bing, where its Dealmap API will be used to publish local and daily deal content to consumers via Bing on the web and mobile Bing offerings.

When we covered Dealmap last month, we had looked at its rapid growth of deals and subscribers. The growth is fueled by its DealExchange network, which provides tools that allow publishers and developers to easily integrate, distribute and monetize local deals. The latest numbers released by Dealmap are equally impressive.

More than 85 million monthly visitors, 36 commercial distribution partners that now includes Microsoft and more than 280 developers using its API. In summary, it translates to nearly 400,000 deals every day from nearly 300 unique local and daily deal sources. During our earlier coverage, we had reported that more than 11 million API queries per day were being handled by the DealExchange platform.

A Microsoft partnership is a big win for Dealmap, whose competitors include the 8coupons API, which we covered last December. The eCommerce Daily Deal space is red hot right now. The rise of Dealmap indicates that by offering a service that is not just daily deals but even local deals via aggregation, the space is wide open and still very attractive to search engines and local classifieds web sites.

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I think a lot of people are going to go to Bing Deals to try to find the savings they want without having to visit every single individual daily deal or group buying site out there.

Another great site to use is They will compile a list of the best sales and deals in your area and send them to your email inbox daily, giving you access to the greatest buys and keeping you in the know about local businesses!

[...] has certainly been very successful. ProgrammableWeb report that Dealmap currently has “85 million monthly visitors, 36 commercial distribution [...]

Groupon is always great for deals for local businesses..but this new one just takes it to a whole different level. wow going to definitely check it out