Microsoft Unveils Updates for Azure Blockchain Workbench

This week Microsoft announced a few updates to their Azure Blockchain Workbench, a platform for building blockchain applications. The release of v 1.6.0 brings with it new features including application versions, an egress messaging API, and streamlined smart contract development.

Upgrades can be made by deploying a new instance via the Azure portal or by running an upgrade script. However, developers are asked to make note of breaking changes included in the release.

The first major update, in response to requests for the feature, is the ability to manage and version Workbench applications. Version 1.6.0 offers support for application versioning via the REST API and the web app allowing users to bypass making manual changes and updates to their applications during the development process.

Also updated in this release is an outbound messaging API. The API now lets users publish blockchain events via the Azure Even Grid and Service Bus, allowing consumers downstream to take appropriate action in response to them. These changes may necessitate updated to your integration code.

The final breaking change is that Workbench will automatically generate code needed to define events indicating creation and update of Blockchain Workbench contracts. This code was previously included in the WorkbenchBase class.

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