Microsoft Virtual Earth API Gets Improved 3D, Geocoding, and Performance

Microsoft has released a new version of its Virtual Earth API (our Virtual Earth API Profile) that includes several performance improvements and some new features, including a new 3D Control.

VE April Release

Here are some of the highlights, according to Virtual Earth, an Evangelist's Blog:

  • The new 3D control includes a variety of new methods and includes several performance improvements, including texture compression for all 1.4 million buildings that can be rendered with the control; support for digital elevation models (DEMs) is also provided now.
  • Improved geocoding for international localities, primarily for the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.
  • New AJAX  map control methods
  • Speed improvements for data rendering
  • Native support for Internet Explorer 8
  • A new SDK that supports the new methods and reflects the latest release

VE April

In addition, some new Sample Code that highlights some of the new methods available in the latest API is available.  One example renders 500 markers quite fast, showcasing the improvement made for marker rendering (a continual challenge for map mashup developers who wish to display larger amounts of data).

VE April

With over 168 Virtual Earth mashups listed in our mashup directory, the Virtual Earth API is one of our more popular APIs (and mapping APIs are our most popular category in the API directory).  We're looking forward to the latest and greatest mashups that developers will create with these VE updates.

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