Microsoft Virtual Earth Gets a 3D Flight Simulator

Developer Richard Brundritt has created a new Flight Simulator plugin for Microsoft Virtual Earth (our Virtual Earth API profile) that uses the VE3D map control to provide a very cool User Experience.

By leveraging the 3D API, Richard has managed to create the first flight simulation experience in Virtual Earth that puts users inside of a realistic cockpit, complete with controls and a visual readout of heading, pitch, altitude, latitude and longitude. Note that Navigation can be controlled via keyboard or XBox 360 control.

Flight Simulator

Richard has documented how he created the plugin in a four-part series of posts on his blog, and he has made the source code for the plugin available as well. According to Richard's blog post, he was inspired to develop the plugin after noticing that there hasn’t been a lot of development against the 3D API yet outside of the business world. Although this is a very slick mashup, it's not the first flight sim on an online map. One of the most popular mashup listings of all time on PW is this one for Googles, a fun app built on the Google Maps API back in 2006 (our Google Maps Flight Sim coverage).

Google Maps Flight Simulator

Richard's VE flight simulator is a great new mashup and a welcome addition to our list of Virtual Earth mashups. And be sure to check out our Mapping API Dashboard for the latest on map APIs and mashups. [Hat Tip: Virtual Earth Blog]

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