Microsoft's Azure API for FHIR Enables Storing Health Data in the Cloud

Microsoft has announced an Azure API for FHIR. Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) is an international interoperability standard for the exchange of healthcare data. Microsoft's new API enables the exchange of health data through an FHIR API. In turn, apps and systems can securely connect and integrate with any system that uses FHIR APIs.

"Data management in the open source FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource) standard is becoming turnkey for interoperability and Machine Learning on healthcare data," General Manager of Microsoft Healthcare, Heather Jordan Cartwright, commented in a blog post announcement. "There is a growing need for healthcare partners to build and maintain FHIR services that exchange and manage data in the FHIR format."

Through the API, Microsoft takes on many of the burdens that typically present challenges to storing health data in the cloud. The operations, maintenance, updates, and compliance requirements are all handled by Microsoft through a PaaS offering. Developers using the Platform can concentrate on their own applications and systems.

Key features of the Azure API for FHIR include quick provisioning, high performance, low latency, enterprise-grade managed FHIR, role based access control, audit logs, SMART on FHIR functionality, secure cloud compliance, isolated data, multi-region failover, and more. The API is currently available in preview. Visit the API site to learn more.

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