Microsoft's Excel API Now Generally Available

Microsoft has announced the general availability of its Microsoft Excel REST API for Office 365. Through the API, developers can integrate the popular business tool with third party applications to enhance the value of data, reporting, and dashboards. The Excel API represents another step in Microsoft's journey to make Office an open developer Platform
The Excel API is exposed through Microsoft Graph. Accordingly, Microsoft is able to conduct and provide business intelligence and other insights related to Excel usage. Microsoft envisions a number of uses for Excel within third party apps, but gave a few examples to pique potential users' interest (e.g. Excel as a calculation service, Excel as a reporting service, and Excel as a data service). 
Two early partners already utilizing the Excel API include Zapier and Sage. Zapier now offers zaps where data transfers from services like email and surveys to Excel spreadsheets. Sage has integrated Excel with its accounting software package to allow users to combine the business data from Sage with the productivity functionality of Excel. 
For those looking to get started, visit the Excel-specific developer site. The site includes complete Documentation and code samples. See how to build a basic Excel to-do list with just a few lines of code. Microsoft encourages users to provide feedback through GitHub and Stack Overflow. New feature suggestions are welcome through UserVoice

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