Microsoft's Open Source PWABuilder 2.0 Now Available

Microsoft recently announced the v2 release of its PWABuilder. PWABuilder is a Microsoft open source tool that helps developers convert web apps to Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). PWA is a term initially created by Google, but has spread to other companies building apps whose functionality blends native characteristics of web, mobile, and offline apps. For instance, a PWA will load like a standard web page, but offer functionality such as offline work, push notifications, device hardware access.

Microsoft's PWABuilder was created to help build PWA features into traditional Web apps. Microsoft has done so through building more and more features into its tool. These features can be found at the PWABuilder Feature Store. The 2.0 includes both new features, but also a completely new design.

The new design is more user friendly. The new design includes a hub page that can easily navigate developers to the ever-growing list of snippits. Snippits are the individual features that developers use to make their standard web app a PWA. Adding a feature through a snippit is as easy as copying and pasting the snippit into a web app.

Specific features new to the 2.0 release include access to new web APIs. The APIs include the Web Share API and async Clipboard API. As mentioned, the tool is open source. For those who would like to see a specific feature, post a request on GitHub.

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