Microsoft's SSL for Secure Map Mashups

If you're interested in creating secure maps mashups the Microsoft Virtual Earth team has a new feature for you: SSL support. As .NET developer David Barkol points out: by providing SSL support the Virtual Earth API now offers something not yet available in Google Maps. This means developers can include a version of the VE map control from a address for any SSL-enabled applications they're building without having to resort to requiring specific browser settings or server-side proxies.

David notes that "if you've ever placed a Virtual Earth map or Google map on an HTTPS page then you're probably familiar with the mixed content message that appears when the page loads" and that this new VE capability directly addresses this problem:


While SSL support is not required for many mashups, this level of security will become more relevant as map mashups evolve into integral elements of enterprise applications, commercial mashups, and other higher-value apps.

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