MightySignal Reveals the SDKs that iOS Apps are Using

As consumption of digital media continues to grow on mobile over desktop, data aggregation service MightySignal provides visibility into the mobile app economy. The company gathers and indexes data around the technologies that mobile app companies use, making it available to users in real-time.

The company recently published an interactive index of all of the SDKs used by the Top 200 iOS Apps available on the App Store.

MightySignal index of most used SDKs by iOS app

The SDKs are listed on the left-hand side by popularity based on the number of Top 200 Apps that currently use it (not surprisingly, Facebook takes the top spot). On the right-hand side are the 8 highest ranking apps that use that SDK to deliver their service.

Clicking on one of the app icons on the right opens up a new window listing all of the installed and uninstalled SDKs used by that particular app. The installed SDKs are then broken down by subheadings including Authentication, Infrastructure, and Networking, among others.

MightySignal SDKs used by popular iOS apps

This index provides valuable insight into which apps are leveraging what SDKs, and MightySignal allows you to filter for apps through its Web Portal and receive notification when apps exhibit certain behaviours, making all of this data available through its API.

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