Migme's Developer Program Monetizes Emerging Markets

Migme, a social entertainment platform focused on emerging markets, has launched a developer program that gives developers access to the platform's functionality, as well as its growing user base. The APIs give full access, opening up the opportunities to innovate further and to tap into new markets to grow revenue.

Migme is aimed at emerging markets, such as Indonesia and India, where growth in the usage of smartphones and mobile Internet is forecast to be rapid. Whereas platforms like Facebook are all about people communicating as themselves, Migme is more of a gaming opportunity for users to create virtual characters and communicate with other virtual people on the network, interacting to find friends and build a community. Users are also able to purchase gifts for friends, with items ranging from low cost to more expensive. The idea behind the platform is that poorer people would enjoy a virtual experience more than a real one, and that they would be likely to make small, affordable payments to enhance that virtual experience. It's this concept that can be applied to other applications and businesses.

Migme's RESTful API makes integration with the platform easy, allowing users to sign in, find and invite friends, and pay for in-app purchases within a third-party game or app by using their mig credit. The API also gives developers access to user profiles and networks, which already include 9 million active users across expanding markets such as Indonesia, India and the Philippines.

A tutorial for the API calls is available on the Migme developer website, and interested developers are encouraged to get in touch with the company directly to get the API documentation and keys.

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