miiCard Launches New Directory API

miiCard, online identity verification service, has introduced a new API: miiCard Directory API. The Directory API allows applications to discover miiCard members who have published a public profile page and have elected to be found by the service. The member lookup service can be used with any number of online environments (e.g. social media, transactions, etc.).

miiCard CEO, James Varga, commented:

"As we conduct more and more of our daily lives online, it is critical that we do so with the same trust and confidence as we do in the offline world....miiCard continues to extend its identity service platform to make it as easy as possible to build a range of useful identity based services. With Directory API, developers can construct software extensions without the need for a full integration."

miiCard unveiled the Directory API at the Dublin Web Summit. Users need no API keys, developer accounts, or OAuth tokens. Simply query the API and parse the responses. miiCard acts in the Bring Your Own Identity (BYOID) space and gives users control, convenience, flexibility, and the ease of a single trusted identity. miiCard currently serves over 350 million people across 10 countries.

The Directory API uses HTTP calls and returns in a JSON data format. Through the API, apps can search for information published on a public profile, member data, and by a hash of known data for enhanced privacy. For more information, visit the API site.

miiCard has been building services and APIs that streamline identification and build trust across the ever expanding web. One stop shops for identification have proven extremely helpful for many applications. For those interested in using such trust in a member lookup environment, consider the Directory API for free today.

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Comments (2)

Thanks for covering the Directory API announcement Eric.

For background and to address security concerns, miiCard was born from within Financial Services to address the key pains of selling products online, one of those being identity related fraud. We use Account Aggregation (using your online credentials to pull all your financial information together) and apply it to a Trusted Online Identity service allowing you to take the check you already did (when you opened your account) and apply it to an online identity that you can re-use.

We have partnered with a company called Yodlee who are experts in this field to provide the data aggregation for this. Yodlee has been around for over 10 years, has about 40m users and highlights 45 of the top 55 banks in the US as their customers (including Bank of America and Chase).

Banks rightly encourage their internet banking customers to be careful to prevent fraud and to not allow their passwords to fall into the hands of fraudsters. There is a clear distinction between you allowing fraudulent misuse of passwords, and using your credentials to access your data in a secure environment (for aggregation services or when managing your finances etc) and we are seeing many banks have or are in the process of adjusting their T&Cs to reflect this.

I'm happy to answer any more questions around our service and our security and can be contacted at cassie.anderson@miicard.com.


Are you freakin' kidding me?! The reason banking information is the most secure is because you don't just hand it over to every web site that pops-up asking for it!

Most (every?) bank specifically says you CANNOT PROVIDE YOUR INFORMATION TO A 3RD PARTY! If you do then there's no more fraud protection for your account, and even if miiCard is not the source of the fraud you'll still be liable.

So deadpool in 3..2..1. Buh-bye.