Mimecast Launches New API Developer Portal

Email and data security firm Mimecast Limited has officially launched an API and Developer Portal.

Using the Mimecast API, Mimecast customers can programmatically configure and manage their Mimecast services, download gateway and security log file data, track email messages, and search their archives and access content. For email, customers can programmatically issue queries for individual mailboxes or all mailboxes in an organization. For Mimecast customers who are managed service providers and partners, the API also enables the provisioning of their own customer accounts.

The Mimecast developer portal offers Documentation as well as Sample Code and pre-built integrations with a number of external services, including Salesforce and Splunk.

According to Mimecast, customers and partners have already implemented more than 50 integrations and its API is seeing millions of requests per day.

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