Mimeo Connect Cloud Print API Goes RESTful

Mimeo.com just launched a new area to support its family of APIs, print marketplaces and enterprise print Integration tools. Developers can build applications that offer print-on-demand services, using the Mimeo Connect Cloud Print API. Mimeo.com has long had a SOAP API, but has recently built an easier-to-use RESTful API for developers.

Using the RESTful API, developers can dynamically build several types of common print documents including:

  • Bound Documents - Books, magazines, photo books and other forms of bound documents.
  • Single Sheets - Flyers, brochures, menus and other flat and folded single sheet documents.
  • Posters - Large format, matted and finished prints.
  • Binders - Printed pages organized in binders, with possible tab separators.

Mimeo is also developing other new lines of products that will support these new applications, such as postcards to create things like Postagram. Using the RESTful API developers can pass dynamically generated PDFs to the API, combine with pre-formatted Mimeo documents, to create new print documents. Print documents can then be printed and delivered world-wide.

Even though many types of large run print formats are declining, the print industry remains a hundred billion dollar a year industry. But cloud printing, social applications, mobile phones, and other technologies have huge potential for reinventing print in the coming years.

Disclosure: the author is the API Evangelist for Mimeo Connect Cloud Print API.

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