Mimvi and Mashape Team Up to Bring Mobile Search to Developers

Mobile apps search engine Mimvi has announced a partnership with API marketplace Mashape that will allow the Mimvi API to be marketed, monetized, and distributed through Mashape's marketplace. Mimvi aims to put its world-class tools in the hands of developers across the globe and empower users to better serve consumer needs.

Kasian Franks, Mimvi founder and Chief Visionary Officer, expressed excitement over the new partnership:

"Our friends at Mashape are doing great things to help the developer community, and Mimvi is proud to be part of that effort. Extending our API across the world through their network will only increase our search footprint and revenue opportunities."

Mimvi was born focused on the next generation of search and discovery (mobility). After winning the R&D 100 award for his biomemetic search engine, Franks created Mimvi and the engine arose as a large competitor in a quickly growing field. Augusto Marietti, Mashape CEO, described the unique and powerful capabilities Mimvi brings to the table:

"Search and discovery technology like theirs is the reason we built Mashape. The algorithmic technology behind Mimvi's search and recommendation offerings is unique and proprietary. To replicate it would be nearly impossible. It would require years of research and development work. Distributing Mimvi's API on Mashape will give developers around the world access to state-of-the-art mobile app search technology."

The new partnership offers a win-win situation to both companies. Mashape offers a widely known marketplace that specifically focuses on getting revolutionary API-based products to market, and Mimvi provides an innovative product that could change the way developers serve audiences.

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